person holding white golf ball on ground

The Ultimate Guide To Golf

23 mins 1 yr

Golf, what a game. The small ball, hit with a club that is aerodynamically streamlined, can make your heart sing when it soars through the sky on target to the green. The ultimate guide to golf is designed to assist you with your engagement with the greatest game. Golf, may perchance, be newly on your radar or you might be digging a little deeper into something you already know and love. Whatever your current situation, golf is a portal into another world. A realm of white belts and white shoes. A land of fairways, hazards, and greens. Nature beckons on the course with green grass beneath your feet. Blue skies, on fine days, above you, can make you feel glad to be alive. The crack of a well struck drive down that opening fairway can fill your soul with good cheer. Life is good, golf is good.

Equipment Instruction