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Why Most Golfers Are Sheep?

8 mins 1 yr

Sheep, according to reports from those on the land, are truly delightful creatures. So, no bad s*** intended to besmirch the character of our hooven equipped friends. Why most golfers are sheep? It is because they tend to dress and do the same stuff in contrast to doing their own thing. Golfers all basically wear the same sort of attire. They seem to really like branded gear, as if they are in one of those movies where they flash in large letters place names on the screen. You know, like LONDON or NEW YORK or WHEREVER! Golfers love to emblazon their person with TITLEIST or TAYLOR MADE or PING or CALLAWAY. Hats, caps, shirts, bags, and umbrellas are walking, talking bill boards on course. Why golfers want to provide free advertising for these businesses whilst paying exorbitant prices for their products and merchandise is a mystery to most sane modern folk.