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Holy gee whiz Greg Norman you know you’re in good company when Donald Trump is on your side. The ugly Australian meets the ugly American in a warm embrace. Saudi golf league endorsed by Donald Trump because who gives a flying f*** about injustice, murder, and exploitation. Did you read the serve that former best mate Wayne Grady gave Norman? 

Those Titleist golf balls should read Entitleist because that is the way that some very rich golf professionals feel about their place in this world.

It is not enough that they earn more money than most people will earn in a hundred lifetimes.

Saudi backed golf

Sportswashing Tournament Golf in Saudi Arabia

Overpaid golfers in the company of our own Greg Norman want to play for guaranteed millions under the auspices of an autocratic corrupt regime. Can the game of golf get more tainted by the stench of greed and out of touch behaviour when ordinary people are doing it tough globally? There is going to be a worldwide famine due to the war in Ukraine and the Russians stopping any grain getting out via the Black Sea. But elite golfers will play in their bubble funded by Middle Eastern despots and give golf a really bad name. Sportswashing is all about nasty regimes associating with much loved sporting events to improve their international reputation. See Russian oligarchs buying English Premier League football teams.

Golf in the Arabian Gulf States
Phil just wants more!

Golf Cannot Afford To Be Involved

I love playing golf and reckon it is the greatest game ever invented. Tiger Woods has helped take golf out of its white bread, country club roots and broadened its appeal globally. I personally don’t want golf going back to the elitist, snobbish bad old days. The game has been used by corporations to sell their products and that is the way of the world for sports in these times. Players have been extraordinarily well paid at the pointy end of tournament golf on this basis. These corporations do not own the game of golf, however, rather, all of us who play for the love of the game do. Golf cannot afford to be involved with such distorted behaviour on the world stage.

The game of golf is not about superstar golfers, mansions, big boats, and such. These are the baubles these players get for being owned by their sponsors and the corporations that fund their tournaments. Nothing in life is free. You have to pay for everything in some way or another.

Phil Mickelson feels that he should get more money and own his image and brand. The PGA license everything and take their large cut because in their view they made Phil via their tour.

Norman wants to break the hold that the PGA has over the game of golf and its players, but he will take his source money from anywhere it seems. Previously, Norman had Murdoch’s money when he tried in the 1990s to establish a world tour and break the PGA’s monopoly. Now, there is an argument about who is more evil – the Saudis or Rupert Murdoch.

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Greg Norman when answering questions about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the morality of the Saudi regime told us that everyone makes mistakes. Is there any clearer example of a super-rich ex-tournament golfer being out of touch with the real world? You live in a bubble of exclusive comfort and wealth for so long that you have no concept of what it is like for the rest of us. Hang your head in shame Norman and listen to your old mate Grades if you want know how the rest of the world feels about you.