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LIV golfers need to ask themselves on which side of the fence they reside after Saudi Arabia cuts oil production and backs Russia in the Ukraine war. Next time it costs you big time to fill up your vehicle remember who is responsible for high oil prices. The Saudi’s are making a shit load of money on oil and have given the finger to the Americans. Upwards of US$600 million per day for just one of their oil companies.

The regime is putting its support behind Putin by reducing production and jacking up the price. Remember that Russia is a member of OPEC+ and benefits from higher prices for their oil to fund the war in Ukraine.

The Saudi’s can afford to pay these LIV golfers so much money because the rest of the world is paying for it at the petrol pump.

LIV Golfers in Bed with Their Saudi Backers

Golfers and golf fans can’t afford to bury their heads in the sand and ignore what is happening in the world. LIV golf is glorified exhibition golf on the tit of a regime responsible for a litany of evil shit. 9/11, Jamal Khashoggi, Yemen, domestic injustices, and now the Saudi’s are backing Putin in his war crimes against Ukraine.  Golf is getting dragged into a whole lot of dirty money and zero integrity business. You cannot take the money and blithely ignore where it is coming from.

Your white belt and white golf shoes aren’t gonna keep you free from these stains in the eyes of the world.

The LIV golf controversy
Golfer Greed!

Tainted Millions Funded By Greed & Exploitation

Greg Norman and the Whore of Babylon now have plenty in common. Norman is the face of LIV Golf with his Saudi financial backers in the background. LIV Golf is buying some of the best golfers in the world and presenting them in exhibition x3 round matches. Cameron Smith, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia and the rest of the LIV cohort are now in cahoots with the Saudi’s and their Russian oil buddies in jacking up the price of petrol across the globe.

You cannot take the money and not bear the responsibility of what your paymasters are doing. You work for the Saudis and that means you support the way they do business and what they get up to.

Spiralling inflation, rising interest rates, and a global economy headed for recession are all fuelled by high energy prices. Saudi Arabia cuts oil production and backs Russia in the war in Ukraine via ensuring more money for Putin to fund his attacks. There are parallels between Putin’s territorial invasion inside Ukraine and the money grab by the LIV golfers. Both show no concern for the damage they are doing to those on the other side. Innocent women and children are dying in Ukraine so that one man can enshrine his glorious reputation in Russia. The game of golf is being dragged through the mud and blood money of an evil regime to feed the greed of already super rich golfers.

Cameron Smith wants to play less golf and hang out with his friends more and still earn tens of millions of dollars. Gee life’s tough at the top for some!


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