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Is that P plate Bryson DeChambeau is wearing on his head a warning to others on the golf course about this prodigious driver. The big hitting hulk is defending his US Open Championship at Torrey Pines this week. A stat flashed on the screen during first round coverage of the US Open, which let viewers know that Bryson has registered 175 drives over 350 yards since golf came back from its Covid break in 2020. The next nearest player, Cameron Champ, was some hundred back. The question most are asking is can DeChambeau do what he did at Winged Foot here at Torrey Pines San Diego?

Potentially Dangerous Driving for Competing Golfers

Is Bryson a probationary driver for super long drives at major championships? Will the rough be long enough to deter errant massive drives? They say that DeChambeau’s drives were so long at Winged Foot that he only needed to hit a wedge into the greens. If the same strategy and execution works here at Torrey Pines, we may see a defence of his US Open. There have been quite a few back-to-back US Open champs over the years in contrast to the other majors. Will competing golfers heed the P plate warning from Bryson DeChambeau to other drivers?

Back-to-Back US Open Winners

Back-to-back US Open winners include Brookes Koepka of course in 2017-2018. Curtis Strange did it in 1988-1989. The great Ben Hogan completed this feat in 1950-1951. Ralph Guldahl in 1937-1938. Bobby Jones as an amateur achieved this remarkable double in 1929-1930. John McDermott also went back-to-back in the US Open in the years 1911-1912.Willie Anderson went one better to win three times in a row in 1903 to 1905. What is it about this very tough test of major golf American style that breeds repeat business on this scale?

If Bryson can consistently launch massive drives and keep them on or near the fairway then he will have a powerful advantage over the field. If he combines this with great putting, like he did at Winged Foot last year, then he will win this thing again. Brookes Koepka the other hulk in the field has made his feelings about Bryson common knowledge. Some folks love the raw and nasty competitiveness. It is more like world championship wrestling than golf but that is what some fans love. Will it come down to a power game between brutes on the links? Will Brooke’s putting hold up in contrast to what happened on the greens at Kiawah Island? We will see!


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