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The first thing I would say as a weekend warrior golfer is, I think that the PGA’s new motif of a large tree is quite insensitive to those of us who struggle with this aspect of the game. I mean, I hit so many trees during an average round that these natural impediments represent one of the more frustrating on-course experiences. Why couldn’t they have chosen something like a flag as symbolic of their importance to the game of golf at the highest level. The Kiawah Island Ocean course has brought the cream of the crop to their knees with 20 mile an hour winds and greens these elite golfers could not read. Check out these outtakes from the US PGA Championship.

Girlfriend Grabs Phil’s Ball on Eleven

My girlfriend picked up Phil Mickelson’s golf ball on the 11th hole. I said to her, “Sharlene what are you doing?”

She replied, “I thought it was a ball nobody wanted anymore because it was over here on the side of this sandy hill area. Aren’t they playing their game over there on that fairway? I picked it up to take home as a souvenir of the day with you.”

Anyway, she dropped it back on the ground pretty close to where it had been, and Phil got to replace the ball.

Kiawah Kills PGA Cream of the Crop

Finally, a golf course has overcome the technological advantages this generation of golfers has maintained in the major tournaments. Pete Dye’s Kiawah Island was too tough for the larger part of this field in the US PGA championship in 2021. Strong winds by the sea and plenty of sandy areas reduced these top line golf professionals to a game I am familiar with as a weekend hacker. Putting I have never seen these guys putt so poorly throughout a championship. Most balls were never on line and plenty fell well short.

Fabulous Phil Flaunts His Fulsome Physique

It was great to see Phil Mickelson play like he used to. Especially for us old guys who are heartily sick of watching young Adonis like athletes prancing around golf courses and winning tournaments. If I see another white belt wrapped around a whippet thin wunderkind, I might give up a golf. Seeing a body somewhat like mine with a few rolls of well-earned fat under that golf shirt is a welcome relief in this day and age. Fabulous Phil has thrilled golf fans for decades with his swashbuckling swing and wizard like short game around the greens.


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