Kelly Slater & Adam Scott
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Kelly Slater, surfing champion par excellence, finds parallels between surfing and golf. Watching a cool video of Slater and Adam Scott on the practice range together comparisons between the two sports were made. The extremely individual nature of both activities stand out to Slater and Scott. The responsibility lies with the individual in both surfing and golf. Kelly Slater is by all reports a very good golfer and we all know about Adam Scott. There is only you and the elements and the course. Similarly, the ocean and the wave are constantly changing. Kelly Slater & Adam Scott on surfing & golf have some insights to offer us.

Parallels Between Surfing & Golf

Adam Scott reiterates a lot about what I am regularly banging on about here at GolfDom. The fact that the golfer has to propel a stationary ball vast distances from its lie on the ground. We are creating all the energy and momentum for that little dimpled ball to take flight. Thus, golf becomes both a physical and mental challenge because we are our own masters when it comes to making things happen. In a lot of sports, you can be reactive to the movement of the ball and use its momentum, but not in golf.

The Individual Nature of Golf

The highly individual nature of golf demands total focus and commitment. Kelly Slater tells us in this video that it is similar on the surfboard. Your every move affects how the surfboard makes its way on the wave. In the golf swing our every move has a great deal of influence on the flight of the golf ball. Nobody else is going to get it done but you. This is not a team sport where you can rely on others. You stand alone on the tee. You swing alone all by yourself.

A Rare Authentic Offering on YouTube

Kelly Slater & Adam Scott on surfing & golf strike a note of authenticity rarely heard on YouTube. These guys are obviously good friends. They walk the walk. Hitting balls on the range they share a few insights well worth listening to. Smashing drives off the deck these two champions chew the fat despite their fit and lean frames. More like this for the sports fans of both surfing and golf would be great. The truth about golf is rarely exposed on YouTube, so it is great to see such a quality offering. A man or woman stands alone on the golf course with club in hand. It is up to you to make it happen and, as we all know, you can’t force it in golf, you got to let it happen. Sounds a bit Zen, but that’s golf.


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