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You have all heard of the golf widow, the lady left at home whilst hubby plays a round. Well, I want to tell you that golfers make great lovers despite the bad rap the game often cops. Golfers of both sexes are schooled to make better strokes, so it stands to reason that they can perform in the sack. Grip pressure is another element understood by the better player. Foreplay originated from golf with the help of a second caddie. Slow back and forth is the mantra of the sweet swinger. Breath control and beginning the down swing with the lower body are all par for the course for the golfer interested in lowering his or her score.

Finding the Hole

Finding the hole is another essential aspect in the game of golf. Sinking putts is all about timing and rhythm. Stroking that ball into the cup involves feel. Some golfers even close their eyes when putting up close to the hole. Understanding friction and resistance whilst reading the grain is another element within the game of golf. Soft hands are a pre-requisite for those that wish to excel in both golf and lovemaking. Delicate chips and downhill putts demand sensitive strokes when it matters most.

A Bad Lie Can Cause Grief in Both Games

Getting things right at address is similar to being in the right place at the right time. Mastering the mechanics and technique are important qualities for golfers and lovers. A bad lie can cause grief in both activities. Great lovers generally have good timing and the same can be said of great golfers. Giving it your best shot is something these two human pursuits share in spades. Shooting the lights out is akin to achieving you know what. Going under par is where we find nirvana in golfing terms. A steady tempo is vital for the golfer and does not go astray in the bedroom.

Balls that Suck Back

Balls that suck back are highlights in both endeavours. Loving the moment is another. Understanding the importance of appropriate etiquette is a feature these two expressions share. Not finishing too soon and out of turn is high on the agenda of both. Sand can cause problems in each of these sports. Slow play can plague the quicker participants. Lack of concentration can lead to poor performances. Sticking to the job and plugging away is generally better than giving up. Wilting under pressure is no fun for anyone. The yips are a premature release of energy flinching under the gun. Taking deep breaths and letting go of tension is a recipe for success in sex and swinging. The evidence mounts up to make a convincing argument that golfers make great lovers. If in doubt why not try one today.


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