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There are a lot of lonely people out there and plenty of aimless retirees too. Joining a golf club has probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am not ‘a joiner’ by natural inclination and keep to myself pretty much. Therefore, joining a golf club was for me all about economics and access to playing the game I love. The added benefits of regular contact with other human beings has been a plus. Golf gives us all something to focus on and the banter just flows from there. Golf: The perfect hobby for retirees- I will make a case for this statement in the following paragraphs.

Playing Golf at Your Local Club

As we prepare to climb that stairway to heaven, idling in god’s waiting room is not incredibly fulfilling. Playing golf at your local golf club gives you something to direct your energies into. Golf clubs take players of all abilities. They have teaching professionals available to help the beginner on his or her way. Golf clubs, generally, offer a variety of 9 hole and 18 hole weekly playing options. Plus, a variety of membership options concerning playing rights at different price points. Golf clubs have become far more user friendly over recent years, losing that stick up the arse attitude once prevalent within the industry.

Golfers Get Great Exercise Opportunities Regularly

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for human beings. Walking the course, if you can, is a delightful experience. Golf courses, are generally, beautiful exemplars of nature. Breathing fresh air and getting some gentle exercise walking and swinging a club will enhance your health and fitness. If you cannot manage to walk the course you can ride in a golf buggy. Fellow golfers are helpful creatures, and you will find yourself in good company. A favourite saying in golf literature is,” take the time to smell the flowers.” This means that the whole experience of playing golf is more than just the game and the score. I will not mention anything about slow play at this juncture, as we can save that for later.

Triumphs and disasters in just about every round.

Golf, once you get inside the game, is thoroughly challenging and keeps you on your toes. There is the basic desire to get better at the game, which is a driving force throughout your golfing career. There are triumphs and disasters in just about every round. Playing in a four-ball grouping allows you to experience other golfers going about their business on the course. This can be instructional, annoying, and, often, amusing. What goes around comes around, of course, and the ability to laugh at yourself is an essential part of the golfer’s armoury. Learning to deal with adversity and not take it all too seriously is pretty important in the game of golf. Golf: The perfect hobby for retirees, as you can see via these insights into this great game.

Watch your handicap fluctuate with your golfing fortunes.

Once established as a club golfer with an AGU handicap, you can watch your handicap fluctuate with your golfing fortunes. Retirees can lose that aimless feeling by challenging themselves to lower that handicap via playing better golf and scoring better. Golf is not an easy game, but it is not a physically overwhelming pastime either. Players of all shapes and sizes can play the game. Swinging a golf club is not rocket science, despite what some golf tragic’s may believe. Distance is not everything in golf, the canny golfer who can get up and down from around the green can score well. Older golfers, often, display superior short game skills like chipping and putting. Getting the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes is the aim of the game.

The game of golf contains a multitude of shots. There are drives off the tee with the one wood/metal, which seek to cover the greatest distance down the fairway. Most people know about putting, which is rolling the golf ball into the hole on the smooth surfaced green. The bunker shot from greenside sand traps, which explodes the ball with a bunch of sand can be daunting for some. The pitch shot with a wedge sends the ball high into the air in the hope of landing softly on the green near the hole. There are fourteen different golf clubs in the bag, which is the maximum allowed in club competitions. Learning to play all the shots with all these clubs can take a lifetime, which keeps us all interested for the long haul.

Retirees may not have an infinite amount of time left to master the game of golf, although people seem to be living an awful long time these days. I take each day as it comes and try to make the best of it. Playing golf gives me an edge, which helps me go on living in the hope of performing that little bit better out on the links and elsewhere. Golf, if you haven’t given club membership a try, you might be missing out on something pretty special. It will enhance your current circumstances and introduce you to a bunch of new friends and fellow golfers. Get into golf the perfect hobby for retirees.


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